Frequently Asked Questions

Paper tube production machines generally allow the production of different types of paper tubes for various industrial uses. These include paper tubes of various lengths and widths used in the textile, packaging, automotive and electronics industries.
Paper tube production machines may vary according to their production capacity, speed and functionality. There are machines that can produce paper tubes in various lengths and widths at various speeds for different industrial needs.
Maintenance and operating costs of the machine may vary depending on the size of the model used, production capacity and operating conditions. These are machines that generally require regular maintenance, and operating costs vary depending on factors such as production volume and energy consumption.
The installation of the machine is carried out by expert personnel or technicians. Our company provides installation and initial training to its users. We also provide technical support and training to help users use the machine correctly.
Our company offers after-sales support and services. These include services such as warranty period, spare parts supply, technical support, maintenance services and, when necessary, remote or field support. The services offered by each manufacturer may differ, so it is important to be informed about this before ordering a machine.